Tomato (Shibby Mod) firmware version 116+ with IPv6 support for Linksys WRT54GL (4MB/MIPSR1)

The Linksys WRT54GL router powers my home network. It supports 3rd party firmwares such as OpenWRT, DD-WRT and the Tomato Firmware – which is the one I use.

As the official Tomato Firmware has not seen an update for years and does not support IPv6, I run one of the numerous available forksTomato by Shibby, the MiniIPv6 build to be exact. Yonks before I was using Toastman’s Tomato, also the MiniIPv6 build.

The problem with the WRT54GL is its limited flash memory size – only 4MB.
A compatible firmware needs to be smaller than 3866624 bytes to be flashable.

All of the the latest MIPSR1 MiniIPv6 images of Shibby’s Tomato are some bytes too big to fit the router. The last release which is flashable is the verison 107 from February 2013 and that one ships with a broken (as in non-functional) OpenSSL. ATTOW the latest version is 116, from January 2014, so I decided to make my own build of the latest version which fits the small flash area of the WRT54GL.

Changes compared to the official V116 of Shibby are:

  • Layer7 filtering removed to save space
  • Samba stuff removed to save space
  • Compiled OpenSSL with -DNO_OPENSSL_HEARTBEATS because of the Heartbleed bug

I used the git HEAD as of 2014-01-18 (probably the base of V116 too).

Download: tomato-K26-1.28.RT-MIPSR1-20140412_no_layer7-MiniIPv6.trx (3846144 bytes)




    • nico

      The MIPSR1 build is too big. The R2 one would fit. But I don’t know if I can flash the R2 on the WRT54GL. Do you have any information about that? On Shibby’s website it succinctly says “Older MIPSR1 routers are also supported” but when I google “WRT54GL MIPSR2” I see some threads about bricked devices. Any hints?

  • Dub

    For anybody stumbling into this issue, please note that you *must* use MIPSR1 for the WRT54G(L).

    For example, I just upgrade my WRT54GL from Polarcloud Tomato v1.27 to Shibby’s – and it worked! There is even 384KB left to mounts as JFFS ;-)

    Any MIPSR2 firmware *will* brick WRT54G(L), see fx.

  • ShojiC

    Man, I was excited to see this available for my WRT54GL! Total bummer for me though. It completely bricked my faithful router of several years :(

    I just got a DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem as Comcast is forcing 2.0 EOL. Was really hoping this would help me avoid network rebuild. I have an ASUS RT-N66U in the Living Room that I had in Access Point Mode with my trusty WRT54GL on the front line. The power light just sadly blinks after this firmware upgrade fail :(

    • nico

      This is sad to hear – did you do anything special before or during the upgrade? What is your exact WRT54GL model version?

  • Ola


    I’m using the WRT54G 3.1 with the 1.28 Tomato firmware. Are you still running your own firmware or are there any other? Do you think I should make any updates to my router or is it best to just leave it as it is?

    Thanks in advance

    • nico

      I still use this one and I don’t think I will change in near future. This is a quite specific firmware (IPv6 capability at the cost of layer 7 filtering and network share support) – if you don’t exactly need/want this, of course running the default tomato firmware is fine too.

  • Guy

    Can you at least tell us how to remove that stuff from source and compile the latest builds ? Much appreciated

  • Kevin

    Great work!!! I flashed three linksys wrt54gl all configurations ported over with no problems. I still cant access IPV6 content.
    This keeps me from seeing certain images on Ebay (IPV6 only)

    Is there something I can read to set up IPV6 on this firmware or in general? How can I tell where the breakdown in IPV6 is?

    Crude network diagram

    Test results:Test with IPv4 DNS record
    ok (0.316s) using ipv4
    Test with IPv6 DNS record
    bad (0.013s)
    Test with Dual Stack DNS record
    ok (0.228s) using ipv4
    Test for Dual Stack DNS and large packet
    ok (0.264s) using ipv4
    Test IPv4 without DNS
    ok (0.215s) using ipv4
    Test IPv6 without DNS
    bad (0.012s)
    Test IPv6 large packet
    bad (0.008s)
    Test if your ISP’s DNS server uses IPv6
    ok (0.238s) using ipv4
    Find IPv4 Service Provider
    ok (0.131s) using ipv4 ASN 54911
    Find IPv6 Service Provider
    bad (0.061s)


  • Corky

    I have Shibby with IPV6 but still getting only IPV4 on my WRT54GL how do I get IPV6?

  • Sessydeet

    This bricked my router too, a WRT54GL v1.1. Started the update and just a few seconds later it displayed an “update failed” message, GUI was unresponsive, and after restarting the router the power light flashes, and it responds to pings, but has no open ports, and the 30+30+30 procedure is ineffective.

    I guess I’ll go see what I can get for it on Ebay…

    • Sessydeet

      In writing the Ebay description and describing the above observations, I suddenly remembered that TFTP is a UDP protocol, which won’t be seen with a port scan. So I had a try at that method of restoring the router’s functionality and it now works again.

      In doing so, I learned that the firmware which is flashed to the router via TFTP must be less than 3 MB in size, and apparently that is also true of any firmware that is flashed using the router’s default firmware’s “upgrade firmware” page. So I gave this firmware a second try, upgrading from the dd-wrt mini firmware that I now had installed, and it upgraded successfully and now works.

      So it’s probably worth advising people that, before attempting to load this firmware into their router, they must first grab the “mini” version of dd-wrt and load that into their router if their router currently has the default firmware installed.

      That said, AFAICT, the IPv6 support doesn’t work. Maybe it works for Hurricane Electric tunnels or something, but using the “DHCPv6 with Prefix Delegation” option on the IPv6 configuration page, the status page never lists any IPv6 address prefix it has acquired from my ISP.

  • tjsz

    IPv6 is available on WRT54GL in a Shibby firmware: this is MiniIPv6 build. The current (latest) version is: tomato-K26-1.28.RT-MIPSR1-132-MiniIPv6.

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