QuakeNet just released their services (Q, S, etc.) source code under the GPLv2

QuakeNet – the 3rd largest public IRC network – just released the source code of their P10 network services Q  (codenamed Q9) and S (plus many more) to the public.

After many years of (closed) development, the release of  QuakeNet’s “newserv” services has finally happened.

You can read more at the README file and checkout or browse the mercurial repository at https://hg.quakenet.org/newserv

As a long time IRC user and fan of QuakeNet’s sleek network services I really appreciate this step.



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  • speakz

    Yeap but I tried to install it but when I do Bello command the bot don’t send the email and when I joined to ask in Dev the stupid guy with the name meeb said I don’t have time to help yoy

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