Colorschemes for PuTTY on Windows (Xdefaults/Xresources)

Because the default ANSI-colors are boring, many people have created nice colorschemes (.Xdefaults/.Xresources) for their Linux terminal applications.

Sadly the syntax of those files is not compatible with PuTTY and its various forks (i.e. PuTTYTray) and it takes some time to create a PuTTY colorscheme. Not only because you have to enter each color as separate RGB values (in contrast to the .Xdefaults’ hexadecimal notation) but also because the color configuration menu is not that comfortable.

If you are not using a portable version of PuTTY (which saves its configuration to files), then PuTTY uses the Windows Registry to save its configuration – it is probably more comfortable to edit the colors there. Yet, if you want to port a .Xdefaults file to PuTTy, you still have to convert the hexadecimal color values to RGB ones.

The Solution:

Some kind pepole have created scripts or programs to convert a Xorg resource file to PuTTY’s *.reg syntax:

After the *.reg file is generated, you have to replace the PuTTy session name with the one you want to apply the colors to and imprort the registry file.

I have ported my favourite four colorschemes (and a base one, for the base colors like the foreground or cursor color – which nicely fits all of the four schemes) to the PuTTY format:

Same as when you convert a .Xdefaults file by yourself, you have to edit the session name before importing the *.reg file.

Enjoy fresh new colors in PuTTY!


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